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This weeks Wedding Advice Wednesday: Brooch Bouquets
Brooch Bouquets are becoming an increasingly popular wedding trend, and it is easy to see why! The MIX or crystals, brooches, rhinestones and flowers is WEDDING BLING at it’s best! Brooch bouquets are amazing for so many reasons. Besides being super sparkly, they make meaningful keepsakes after the wedding, and you can use vintage jewelry from family members and carry a bit of them with you down the aisle.

Photo via Fancy Pants


Q- I am really loving the new “Brooch Bouquet” trend, but have no idea of where to get started. The idea of making my own is a bit overwhelming, but the ones online are a bit out of my price range?? Do you have any suggestions for helping me make this dream… an affordable reality??
~Dazed and Confused~ Stacey
Cedar City, UTAH

AStacy, I TOO am in Love with this budding trend. The idea of having a bouquet made of crystals and bobbles and rhinestones… whats NOT to LOVE?? I have a few suggestions on how to get you to your end goal, and still stay on budget. 

If you like the idea of collecting the brooches and making your own bouquet, check out this easy to follow DIY: Tutorial that we recently came across on FANCY PANTS Weddings, a super fun wedding blog. It includes easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and detailed pictures. 

If that still seems a bit overwhelming, I would suggest talking with your local florist. Many floral designers are embracing this trend and offering a mixed floral and brooch bouquet option for their clients. This can be beautiful and a bit more affordable than a bouquet made strictly of brooches. 

Photo via Flourish Designs

Local Floral Studio BLOOMERS, has recently featured several of these mixed bouquets, and brides are LOVING them! Below is a photo of a bouquet that they made for a the Ultimate Wedding Showcase in Jaunary 2011. It was a beautiful mix of roses, ranunculus, paper-whites and a variety of beautiful goodies!

Photo via BLOOMERS Floral & Gifts

 Last but certainly not least, is part DIY and part ask a professional. You may not be “crafty” but i am certain that if you ask your family, relatives, friends even members of your bridal party, I am sure that someone you know would be up for the task. That way you can take on the job of collecting the brooches, jewelry, buttons, large earrings etc. that YOU like and then turn over the “goods” to your willing counterpart. 

 Which ever way you decide, do a little homework first. Websites like ETSY, have a variety of artisans offering Brooch Bouquets at a variety of prices, but it can also be a good source for finding one of a kind pieces for your bouquet. We suggest collecting jewels from family members, craft stores, thrift stores, ebay, estate sales, and even craft stores and costume jewelry chains, (places like forever21, claires and icings sometimes have great sales on last seasons items) and once they are all mixed together you can place the more significant pieces as focal pieces and fill in underneath with the simpler costume-pieces. 

I hope this has helped answer your question! We would love to see what you come-up with, and if you find other good sources of ideas or supplies, let us know and we will add it to our BLOG. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to email us again!

Laura and the Forevermore Events Team

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  1. Jade Brunet

    Thank you for this article about brooch bouquets. I like what was said about checking with your local florist for ideas on creating these brooches. It would also be helpful to select flowers that are long lasting to help your special event stay alive for as long as possible.


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