The ever popular candy buffet is always a hit at every wedding or event!
The candy buffet is certainly not a new idea but in my opinion it never gets old if you look for creative ways to jazz it up or make it unique.
There are so many things you can do with the candy buffet idea other than candy. Cookies, pretzels, popcorn, fresh fruit….. And the list goes on and on.
A candy buffet can be a whimsical addition to your reception, or act as playful and interactive favors.

Captured in photos below are some inspiring candy buffet ideas

Here are some tips to get you started!

Keep in mind that a candy buffet can be expensive. You need large containers to have any impact on a table and large containers require a lot of candy. Instead of having this be an extra at the event have it act as the favor to reduce costs.


Pick the color you want to focus on. Remember that color isn’t just for bridesmaids or floral! Maybe you would like your buffet to have a certain feel or theme. For example,all M&M’s, all old time nostalgic candy, or all candy bars. Decide on the types of candy you want. You can choose candy that fits your color scheme or simply your favorites. It is nice to have an assortment of kinds of candy, such as some chocolate, some fruity, and some salty. Keep cost in mind since the more types you have the more it will cost.
How much candy will you need:

1/4-1/2 pound or ½ cup PER GUEST.

How many types of candy should you buy?Buy 8-12 different types of candy.
It will have more impact if you do 8 or more…and of course the purpose of this whole idea is impact and fun for your guests. Make it memorable, visual and filled with variety.

What type of candy should you buy?

Get candy that is individually wrapped or has a hard coating.
Remember that in the heat some candies melt…chocolates and gummies!
Keep in mind that some venues require candy to be individually wrapped so make sure you ask before buying. Fill each of your containers with one type of candy. Pick ones that match the type of candy that it will hold. For instance, peppermint sticks would go in a short container where the ends can stick up.
Where do you buy /rent the containers?

Forevermore Events
Thrift stores
Antique stores
Cost Plus
Home Goods
Hobby Lobby
TJ Maxx
Dollar Stores

What about the scoops?

Restaurant supply stores or online is the best place to find them in a variety of sizes which helps when you have a variety of container sizes. We also rent them at Forevermore Events.
Insert scoops and tongs into the tops of the containers so guests can serve themselves. Unless each candy is individually wrapped you will want to have scoops available so that guests aren’t touching all the candies.


Make container labels on your computer, or pay someone to do them, with the candy name written on them. Attach them with ribbon or tape.
There are many free label templates online. Search in Google for them until you find inspiration or the perfect choice for you. Be creative and use elements from other decorations at your reception.
Don’t forget to add a special touch to your table with a cute chalkboard or framed sign directing your guests to take a sweet treat home with them.
Here are some cute ideas.

You were sweet to join us on our special day
How “Sweet” it is!
Wishing you a sweet goodnight
Love sweet love
Sweet dreams
Grab a bag, take a treat, enjoy the buzz, love is sweet

Individual Guest Containers

Check out these darling paper cones by My Lady Dye
You must have something for guests young or old to load all that candy into to take home with them or nosh on at your event.
Try popcorn boxes, tin pails, glassine bags, Chinese takeout boxes, small clear plastic cups or paper cones.
Place bags, boxes, or other containers near the candy. Make sure that the size is appropriate for the amount of candy you expect your guests to take.

Sweet Endings!