The 2011 Spring Season is right around the corner and according to New York Fashion Week and our friends at Pantone, we can expect to see a very fun and vibrant line-up of popular colors this year.

 For news fresh off of the runway, check out the Pantone Fashion Report

From the “runway” to real life these colors are amazing and will definitely make their way into 2011 wedding color trends. And who is leading the pack as “Color of the Year”….Honeysuckle is the top pick!

Honeysuckle is~
Flirtatious and fun and will bring a sense of whimsy to your wedding.

Coral Rose is~
A sophisticated orange that will help you create that vintage feel or create that fun, bright, playful look.

Beeswax has been a popular color before but paired with Regatta, it could be nothing short of AMAZING!

Add a little touch of Peapod in there to give it that extra WOW factor.

Lavender is~
Romantic and fanciful but paired with Blue Curacao, Honeysuckle or Coral Rose it would create a palette that is tasteful and enchanting.

To ground any and all of these other colors, select from Silver Peony, Russet or Silver Cloud. These are all a neutral and could add just that little extra flavor you may be in search of.

These colors are all amazing and you really can’t go wrong with any combination of them.  Add in a little splash of your own taste and the designs of your wedding coordinator and you have a recipe for success and beauty!