My dear friend Karly posted this on her blog and was so kind to let me share it with all of you…..
it’s so insightful from a newlyweds point of view!
It’s so good to know we are all trying to make sense of this thing we call “LOVE”
Yesterday was one of those moments when I truly felt like this again.
After a little emotional break down on my part…
and a little non emotional heartless break down on James’ part
we spent 10 minutes in silence driving in the car.
These are the moments newlyweds don’t tell you about.
The moments where for the first time you realize that you really do have some distinct differences.
10 minutes later we both just started laughing
and moved on.
Holding hands walking in the freezing cold –
James dragging me along and cursing me for wearing heels
He laughed and said, 
 “If I breath on you wrong your feel bads get hurt”
To which I replied
“At least I have feel bads.”
And then we spent the next 10 minutes laughing.
Crazy as it sounds these are my most favorite moments of newlywed life.
The ones people don’t ever mention
but the ones that are completely real.
The ones where we realize it’s a good thing I married someone who never has ups and downs
and it’s a good thing James married someone who always has them.
Not going to lie –
love the little imperfections in married life.
They are certainly worth celebrating.
Karly Barker