Today on the Forevermore Events BLOG we wanted to post a fun and SUPER easy Do It Yourself (DIY) project, for those special ladies in your life.


After-all, your bridesmaids will be the ones standing next to you on the most important day of your life. I am sure that women that significant deserve a little SWAG..right?
Well, even if you are “crafty-challenged” this is an easy to project that will take you less than a day, and under $5 per gift.

The trend these days is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and this gift fits right in perfectly, while being fashionable at the same time!
After reading about this DIY project on Design*Sponge & the lovely Ashley Ann Photography I just knew I wanted to share it with all of our readers! I have expanded the directions, because I am one of the “those” people that like a REALLY thorough tutorial…. so I hope that helps a little~


 Most of the supplies can be gathered from your local craft and fabric store, but I recently saw the LARGE paper doilies at The Dollar Store, and the local Party Supply store…after a quick reconnaissance trip i was pleasantly surprised to find that the local walmart had all the supplies in stock. So between the Craft Department and Party Supply Aisle, you will be all set.

Items Needed:
One Canvas bag (they also had plain aprons that would be super cute)
Acrylic Craft Paint- BLACK (or the color of your choice)
Spray adhesive
Paint Brush – stencil brush for applying the paint and a *fine tip* brush for filling in the letters
LARGE paper Doilies- the ones i found are the kind that go under fancy cakes- came 10 to a package.
and printable card-stock (if you want to make a LETTER stencil instead of free-handing it)

diy doily tote bag bridesmaids gifts

You may want to purchase an extra bag or do a trial run on a separate piece of fabric till you get the hang of it.
Begin by coating the backside of the doily with spray adhesive and getting it placed -just right- on your canvas bag. Let dry for a few minutes.
Start applying the paint slowly and carefully, make sure not to go over the edges, here is where all that “coloring inside the lines will come in handy” once that is coated well, let dry before peeling off the doily. With the fine brush touch up any missed spots and let dry for at least one hour before beginning the letters.

 For the Initials, go to your computer and find a font that you like for the monograms. Print them out (as large as you will need them) on the cardstock or even vellum if you have it handy.

Then use an exacto knife to carefully cut out the letter leaving a perfect stencil for your monogram.
Tape the stencil onto the bag making sure to not let it move while you are painting it. I would suggest using a pencil and tracing it on there then painting it carefully by hand with the *fine tip* brush, but try both ways and see what comes out better for you.

customized doily tote bags

You will adore the final product! Sleek, Trendy, Reusable.

Then, if you are feeling generous you can fill them with small gifts and goodies. A few ideas…. Body Lotions, Jewelry, Flip-flops, Photo Album, Journal, Chocolates, Scarf, or Gift Certificates for Massages or Manicures. So much fun wrapped in a personalized -Handmade by YOU- Gift Bag!

Worried about taking on the project by yourself?? Turn it into a Bridal Shower Project, that way Bridesmaids, Sisters, Mothers and Mother-to-be will have a chance to share in the fun and personalize the BAG their way!
Or you can call Forevermore Events today and we can get you a bid on MAKING these adorable custom bags for you!

Have your own DIY projects that you would like us to feature?? Leave us a comment with your IDEA, email address or link to your blog and we will take a look and possibly feature you right here on the FOREVERMORE EVENTS BLOG

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