To all of our devoted readers we want to extend a BIG apology.

Summer is such a bust time for us and we haven’t had an extra moment to BLOG, but that all changes today!

We have had so many wonderful events over the last month and can’t wait to feature them here on our blog.

Queen Bee Birthdays, Weddings with Vintage Flair and Fabulous Favor Bars that will blow you away!!

Plus we are locked and loaded with several DIY projects and Wedding Advice that you won’t want to miss! Also we have teamed up with a local writer that will be helping us out with wedding education, (the Do’s and Don’t when it comes to planning an event,) as well as features on Wedding Trends and online sources so that you can get the most BANG for your BUCK!

Even though the break was longer than we hoped, it was a good opportunity to get amped about the items we want to feature here on the FOREVERMORE EVENTS BLOG!

So stay tuned for more and more fabulous posts from the crew at Forevermore Events!!!