Wondering what to do with the wee ones throughout the wedding??  It’s hard to keep ten tiny fingers and toes occupied, while eating and greeting…. and toasting and dancing. I love this idea, and of course it come to us from the mother of all wedding and events… Martha Stewart. 

This is such a simple yet brilliant DIY idea…

All you need is a printer, 

some cardstock, 

pencils and a disposable camera!

Send children on a photo scavenger hunt with this game of i-spy!
They have to spot a variety of typical wedding day occurrences /outfits take a quick photo of them and tick them off on their list. 
This works really well for older children 7-11 who will be able to do this independently but younger children will need adult help or help from older siblings.
{I recommend using pencils rather than felt tips as you could end up with felt tip stains all over their hands, clothes and the table cloths ~ and you wouldn’t want felt tips anywhere near your pristine white dress!}
If you wanted to, you could provide a little incentive such as a small bag of sweets or a simple toy for the first child to find all the things on the list or simply give the treats to the children’s parents for them to hand out as they see fit.
Staying focused on this task will be tricky for some children ~ especially younger children so parent’s could reward them when they feel they’ve tried their best.
Here’s a larger version:
 This is available as a free download from Martha Stewart Weddings…how great is that?!
What a great way to keep the lil’ ones entertained as well as collect amazing candid photos of your guests and loved ones. Who knows, the photos they take may turn out to be some of your favorite keepsakes.  
Got any good tips or advice for keeping them entertained? I’d love to hear your ideas.

*Side Note* We love the blogging world and try very hard to give credit where credit is due, but we are also human (and sometimes post way too late at night lol) and do make mistakes… If we have missed a credit or photo source please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to make the necessary changes!  Thank you so much!!*