Calla lily arrangement

Colors:  White, Off-White, Green, Yellow, Orange, Peach/Mango, Flame (Orange and Red) Red, Pink, Purple, White with Purple Centers, Dark Purple (also known as Black Callas)


Calla lilies are gracious flowers that feature on bloom per stem. The average stem length is 35 inches, and the head size may vary from 3.5 up to 8 inches. Green Goddess Calla lilies may also have shorter stems which measure 24 inches long.


Calla lilies are available year round.
Cost: a bit more on the expensive side but require less stems to make a dramatic arrangement 


Calla Lilies are one of the most elegant wedding flowers available and this particular flower represents “magnificent beauty.” Calla lilies originated in Africa but can be found nowadays virtually anywhere. These flowers feature a large, trumpet – shaped bloom, which rests gently in a smooth stem.  

These beautiful flowers have been often portrayed in paintings; Diego Rivera, the Mexican painter included these flowers in his pieces of art regularly. 

Standard callas are easy to arrange and to maintain. They are often used in tall arrangements or presentation bouquets. Standard callas can be used by themselves or with fillers for a chic yet simple look.  Mini Calla Lilies are highly sought after for use in bouquets and arrangements of wedding flowers. The size, manageable stem thickness and fun colors make Mini Calla Lilies very popular in boutonnieres and corsages. White is the most popular color available; however like most flowers, mini callas come in a variety of colors.
 Simple and Beautiful….Perfect for Gorgeous Bridal Bouquets…
Found on 

Classic Boutonnieres and Chic Bridesmaids Bouquets….

Clean – Modern and Trendy Centerpieces

And of course calla lilies can create simple and classy decorations for your wedding cake…

 Easy to design with and available year round, calla lilies can stand alone or mix well with other varieties and colors of flowers. Check with your favorite florist for more ideas, styles and varieties that can be used in your upcoming event! If you have any questions feel free to contact us today!
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