Wedding planning essentials from the Engagement to the Big Day.

All of  us here at Forevermore Events understand that planning a Wedding is no small feat  and takes an extreme amount of time and planning. We are here for you every step of the way, and have several different packages to help make your special day relaxing and stress free. Call us today for a free consultation, but in the meantime we have created a basic “To-Do List” or Step-by-Step guide of what you need to consider and when to start organizing a venue, a photographer, your bridesmaids and even your dream honeymoon!

To do after the engagement:
1) Decide on your wedding budget and consider how formal/informal big/small you would like your wedding to be.

2) Decide where you wedding will be. Are you marrying at home or abroad? Will it be a beach, garden or church wedding or perhaps something else?

3) Set a wedding date (and time if you can) for your wedding.

4) Draw up a  preliminary guest list

5) Book your wedding planner now, and they will be able to help you with ALL of the following items.
6) Book your wedding venue or restaurant

7) Start your beauty and health programs now if for example you plan to loose some weight before the wedding day.

The date is set
  1. Book the officiant.  Arrange a meeting so you can talk about your wishes for the day and also get some invaluable advice from the person who will marry you.
  2. Confirm the wedding venue. Remember to confirm for both the reception and the ceremony.
  3. If you have decided on an outdoor wedding remember that you must have shelter for you and your guests and perhaps even an alternative plan in case the weather turns bad.
  4. Order the wedding menu and the wedding caterers
  5. Decide on the wedding drinks.
  6. Decide on the wedding cake
  7. If you are planning a wedding at home remember to have your PLANNER reserve equipment like tables, chairs, glasses, marquees, heaters, extra toilets etc.
  8. If you are using a wedding decorator you need to book them early – they may also be able to help you with the equipment hire etc.
  9. Remember to have your planner hire serving staff if you are having the wedding at home.
  10. Consider wedding ceremony music and entertainment. Most bands will have a website with their demo music.
  11. Book a wedding photographer
  12. Book music and other entertainment for the wedding party.
  13. Start thinking about your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses.
  14. Decide who will be your bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  15. Start thinking about the suits for the groom and the groomsmen. If you are renting the suits and bridesmaids dresses start booking them now.
  16. Start considering what wedding stationary you would like. Begin looking for inspiration if you make your own invitations etc.
  17. Begin your search for the perfect wedding cars and get some prices.
  18. Start looking for your honeymoon destination.
  19. Stay on top of your health program and beauty treatments.

What’s next?

  1. Decide on the color and wedding theme you would like for your wedding. It’s important to settle on the colors early as they will most likely be used right from the invitations to the bridesmaids dresses to the flowers – to the table decorations to the thank you cards and so on. Consult your potential wedding decorators about the colors.
  2. If you are getting your wedding stationary printed by a printing company plan on getting them printed so they are ready approximately 2 months before the wedding. If you are inviting guests from overseas you should send their invitations at least 3 months before the big day.
  3. Look for a florist who specializes in wedding flowers. Inform them about your choice of color and wedding season so they can advise you about which flowers are available. Get an impression of price early as flowers are expensive. Investigate what you need from them and what you may be able to arrange yourself if you are on a budget. You need to consider your bridal bouquet, button hole flowers, wedding ceremony flowers, reception flowers and table centerpieces.
  4. Buy your wedding dress.
  5. Buy your wedding shoes, jewellery, lingerie, garters and other accessories.
  6. Buy or rent clothes for the groom.
  7. Inform your parents of your choice of clothes in case they wish to coordinate their outfit with yours.
  8. Begin your search for a hairdresser and makeup artist. Look for inspiration online so you can express your wishes.
  9. Help arrange accommodations for guests (private accommodation or hotel). You don’t need to pay for anything but it’s often a great help for your guests if you can recommend some different places for them to stay.
  10. Book the wedding night accommodation.
  11. Give your Employer notice, and request the time off needed for the event and honeymoon.
  12. Start looking for your wedding rings. What styles would you like and what is your budget? It’s a good idea to give the jeweler at least a couple of months to re-size etc. before the wedding day.
  13. Order you wedding cake.
  14. Select the champagne and wines for your wedding day (taste everything so you are sure it’s what you wanted).
  15. Book your honeymoon destination and remember any vaccinations, visas and name change in passport.

The final details:

  1. Meet with Wedding Planner and review the floor plan for the reception and coordinate with the decorator (if they are separate people) any specifics that you would like to request for the event.
  2. Make the first draft for the guest seating plan.
  3. Perhaps arrange for some confetti, rose petals, wedding favors or other wedding day extras.
  4. Start preparing your speech and begin writing your vows.
  5. Buy gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, for both your parents and for each other.
  6. Pick up your wedding rings.
  7. Make sure the Wedding planner will handle the wedding day schedule and get copies to each of the key people for the wedding day.
  8. Register for gifts and attend Bridal Showers, have fun and enjoy the attention!
  9. Buy / design thank you cards, place cards, menu cards etc.
  10. Choose 2 witnesses (for both civil and church wedding)
  11. Review the wedding ritual and ceremony with the pastor.
  12. Decide who will be your toastmaster.
  13. Decide the order for speeches and toasts with your toastmaster
  14. Arrange a makeup and hair trial day so you can experiment with colors and look. Remember to bring your head piece.
  15. Book a beauty appointment latest 1 week before your wedding day for any waxing, hair removal etc. and schedule manicures and pedicures a couple of days before your wedding.
  16. if needed get money exchanged for your honeymoon
  17. Pack a bag with plain clothes if you spend the night out on the wedding night.
  18. Make sure to have makeup, safety pins, patches and other practical things in the bride’s bag for the Big Day.
  19. Keep track of the pick-up days and times for all the wedding attire for yourself, the groom and the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The final bits and pieces:

  1. Buy spare hosiery for your bridesmaids and yourself.
  2. Meet with planner the week of the wedding and have them reconfirm all your bookings; wedding flowers, wedding entertainment, hairdresser & make up appointments, wedding photographer, equipment hire companies, wedding cars, wedding venue etc.
  3. Remind your photographer about your specific wishes for the day and make sure he is clear on what it is you want.
  4. Book a rehearsal dinner for the entire bridal party.
  5. Get your engagement ring professionally cleaned so it is a shiny as your new wedding ring on the day.
  6. Write the place cards.
  7. Consider to have a master seating plan created if you are having a large wedding so everyone can see where they are sitting. Remember to arrange one for the wedding venue.

Other little tips:

1. Scratch the bottom of your wedding shoes so you don’t slip when you wear them.

2. Don’t try to do everything alone.

3. Get rest and look after yourself. Remember it is suppose to be fun for both your, your groom and your entire family.

Honeymoon last minute preparation:

  1. Have your luggage ready for your honeymoon.
  2. Collect your travel itinerary.
  3. Ensure you have organized your passports, travelers cheques, travel insurance, spending money in cash.
  4. Confirm flights 72 hours before you travel.

The day and the night before:

  1. Try to relax and get some rest.
  2. Spoil yourself! Take a long bath, eat good food and get a good nights sleep.

Your wedding day:

  1. Get a good and solid breakfast. You have a long and busy day in front of you.
  2. Go over the schedules if you need to and begin having fun! You have worked hard to make this wedding day something special……Enjoy it! 
  3. Remember your not in this alone, by now you will have all the right professionals in place and they will take good care of you, and you will be able to sit back and enjoy this unforgettable experience!