Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: 
“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. 
 Unfortunatley when it comes to Brides and Weddings this is doubly true ~
Whats the best way to fight the problem of probability??   Be prepared!!

The wedding day will sneak up on you, and as you will come to find out… on the “Big Day” every minute matters! Running back home for a few forgotten toiletries, or swinging by the store for Tylenol, can reek havoc on your over-all timeline. At Forevermore Events we have been involved with hundreds of weddings, and if there is one thing that years and years of experience has taught us, it’s to all ways be prepared! We always have several boxes packed and ready to go for the day of the wedding, but this list below can also help our “brides-to-be” avoid any number of emergencies!

From your bathroom at home:
  1. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  2. Make-up and make-up applicators
  3. Q-tips, cotton balls and wipes/tissue
  4. Make-up remover and nail polish remover
  5. Nail polish in the same color you are wearing
  6. Clear nail polish (has many emergency uses)
  7. Lotion (the kind you use every day)
  8. Baby powder or white/translucent powder
  9. Hair spray
  10. Hair clips/accessories, extra bobby pins
  11. Mouth wash and floss
  12. Band-Aids, Neosporin, eye drops, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and burn gel
  13. Hair brush, combs, curling iron, curlers, straightening iron, and hair dryer
  14. Nail clippers, nail file, tweezers, and nail scissors
  15. Feminine products if needed
  16. All medications and supplements
  17. Shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, gel, mouse, wax, etc.
  18. Razor
  19. Deodorant & Perfume
  20. Face cleanser and lotion
  21. Tylenol or other headache medicine
  22. Straws… sounds silly but spilling a diet coke on your wedding dress wouldn’t be fun!
  23. Shout wipes- just in case #22 doesn’t work out as you hoped 🙂

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 When it comes to undergarments it’s always best to have two of everything, just in case.  Also, if you are wearing white, cream, pink, or a light colored dress, also wear light colored undergarments.  Black is not the best color to wear under a white dress.  Also, don’t forget your something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue!

Clothing, undergarments, and accessories:

  1. White or light colored underwear
  2. The wedding dress (carefully packed and stored for travel)
  3. Whatever undergarments you purchased with your dress
  4. Pantyhose and garter
  5. Shoes, flip flops, other comfy shoes
  6. Veil or head piece
  7. Necklace(s), earring’s, bracelet(s), ring(s), wedding band, and other accessories
  8. Rain boots, umbrella, rain jacket (If there is a chance of rain)
  9. Sewing Kit, extra buttons & extra pins
  10. Double-sided tape for fallen hems or slippery straps
  11. Small piece of sandpaper to scuff up the soles of new shoes so that you won’t slip

Other items you don’t want to forget on your big day are:

  1. Cash & envelopes for tips or any payments you still owe vendors
  2. Gift for your husband to be
  3. Any thank-you cards you have prepared for your bridal party or parents, etc.
  4. The rings or just your husband’s to be wedding band
  5. Water, plenty of water & healthy snacks (protein and complex carbs are good). 
  6. Batteries and Phone Charger
  7. Hangers, hooks, etc.
  8. Mirror
  9. Tape of every kind (clear, double-sided, electrical, duct, double-sided duct, etc.)
  10. Whatever you might need for the night of your wedding (hotel room key, car keys, champagne, chocolate, lingerie, candles, etc.)

Being prepared can save you a lot of stressing and unnecessary running around on the day of your wedding. 
Below is a PRINTABLE Checklist! It is very VERY thorough, but it can be a useful tool when packing your supplies for the wedding day. Once you are prepared, it will be easy to sit back and enjoy your special day…. because you know that you are prepared for any surprise that might pop up along the way.

CLICK to Print YOUR Bridal Emergency Kit Checklist

Much Love~
All of us here at Forevermore Events!

*Side Note* We love the blogging world and try very hard to give credit where credit is due, but we are also human (and sometimes post way too late at night lol) and do make mistakes… If we have missed a credit or photo source please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to make the necessary changes!  Thank you so much!!*