Even though Southern Utah is a desert and is known for it’s Red Rock Mountains and horribly hot summers, we do have many hidden gems that bring brides from far and wide to host their destination weddings here in our back yard. So does that mean they are restricted to a southwestern themed wedding?? No Way! Southern Utah and Zions have so many incredible wedding vendors that can bring any idea, theme or inspiration to life.

One of my favorite hidden gems??  

Basila’s is a first class Greek restaurant with delicious surprises around every corner.  This gem was recently featured in the 2011 Fall Issue of Southern Utah Brides Magazine, and we couldn’t wait to share the article featuring their mouthwatering entrees, and how best to incorporate them into your wedding style and menu….best of all… they cater! 

Gone are the days of simplistic choices like chicken or fish, pillow mints and nut cups. As weddings and wedding receptions move toward the more personal, more eclectic, and sometimes more DIY, so too does the wedding reception food. Brides and Grooms are using this once in a lifetime opportunity to show off their love of food by incorporating exotic dishes and worldly flavors into their wedding menus.  Wedding themes are becoming more individualized, colorful and unique, and what better way to wow your guests than by taking them on a trip around the world through unique hors devours and one of a kind entrées? Bring their experience full circle by mingling a luxe color palette with Southern Utah’s vivid landscape and you will have the perfect setting for a Mediterranean themed wedding.
When it comes to delicious Mediterranean dishes you shouldn’t have to look too far outside of our picturesque Southern Utah. Talented local chefs and caterers can provide you with a variety of entrees and foodie friendly flavors perfect for your upcoming event. Here are a few of our favorites:

Hummus Stuffed Grilled Artichoke. 
Hummus is a local and crowd pleasing favorite!  A delicate puree of chick peas, tahini (a paste made from ground sesame seeds), olive oil and Mediterranean herbs, served in grilled artichoke, and complimented with crispy grilled pita bread.

Gorgonzola Salad
Gorgonzola is rising in the ranks of delicious crumbly cheeses. Similar to blue cheese, but when it’s combined with sun dried tomatoes, house-glazed walnuts, dried cherries and served over a mix of spring greens it becomes the perfect 1st course for a luncheon or reception dinner.

Sweet Basil Citrus Cup
Truly the nectar of the gods, this fun little cup of fruit is both beautiful and refreshing. Inside is fresh ruby grapefruit, naval oranges, strawberries, and blue berries, infused with fresh sweet basil asheppie sauce.

Greek Salad    
A perfectly portioned Greek salad made up of a mix of fresh spring greens, carrot slivers, green onion, chunks of imported feta cheese along with kalamata olives, all wrapped in a sweet cucumber shell and topped off with delicious Greek dressing made with imported spices from the entire Mediterranean region.

Grilled Snapper 
Move the boring fish wedding entrées aside and offer your guests fresh snapper grilled to flaky perfection and served over a creamy orzo pilaf, garnished with a grilled garlic clove.

Flat Bread and Black Olives 
A perfect hors devour for the guest at leisure. Aromatic imported black olives, extra-virgin olive oil and garden fresh mint served along side crispy grilled flat bread. Simple and filling, a perfect snack for the cocktail hour!

Grilled Tomato and Basil Pesto Soup 
This is an exotic and flavorful dish that can either be served as an individual appetizer or as a main entree. This comfort food is taken to a whole new level.  Half grilled garlicky tomato soup, and half basil pesto soup. It may seem to have a split personality but it’s loaded with perfectly balanced Italian flavor. 


Rack Of Lamb
Your  guests will go ga-ga for a perfectly cooked rack of lamb. Teased with Turkish spices and grilled to perfection, these large lollipops of lamb are served nestled among velvety garlic mashed potatoes then drizzled with burgundy demi-glaze and a sprig of rosemary!

Bread Pudding
Greek styled bread pudding may be more traditional but is still a fan favorite and far from ordinary! Overflowing with candied walnuts, yellow bing cherries, and served spilling from caramelized pear, then drizzled with buttery caramel sauce…. absolutely heavenly!

Mile-high Key Lime Cheesecake
Give your guests the perfect sweet and sour dessert before you say your final farewells. Gourmet Key Lime Cheesecake, stacked in dragon fruit (imported from Asia) and splashed with a reduced raspberry sauce, is the perfect way to end a flavorful meal.

Offering your guests exotic flavors and unique entrées is not a new idea, but it is one that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the wedding scene. Our biggest suggestion when it comes to braving a gourmet menu…. leave it to the professionals! Many recipes do not easily translate for the masses, but skilled chefs and caterers can easily offer your guests’ unique hors devours, individually proportioned tasting menus, finger-foods and tapas as well as family styled buffets full of flavorful entrées. However you serve it, make sure to take a “time-out” during the eventful evening and enjoy your fascinating feast…. Your inner gourmand will thank you!     ~by: L Madsen


Images By: Gideon Photography for Southern Utah Bride Magazine
Food By: Basila’s Mediterranean Steak and Seafood