~I was recently approached and asked to write an article about the following question~

What is the best way to hire a professional 
in the wedding industry?
As the Owner and Lead Consultant for Forevermore Events I have hired and worked with a fair share (and more) of wedding pros for many incredible events and I am happy to share what I have learned over the last 14 years in the industry. I hope that this quick Q&A will help answer some of the tough questions that come up when beginning down the path that is “Planning a Wedding” ~

Question.:What are the most important things to look for when hiring a wedding professional?

Answer: I would want a competent, reputable individual who is a real professional in their field.

For competency, look at their experience, training and recent work. How long have they been in the industry. How many weddings they have personally been a part of, and where and how have they learned their profession. Do you want someone who just started their business or someone that has earned their reputation with years of experience?

Do they have a retail location or are they just working out of their home? These days anyone can buy a camera or have business cards made, but these things do not make a professional. A storefront location is a big investment and usually equates that fact that they are serious and passionate about what they do.

Is their profession what they do full time, do they have other jobs that would pull them from being 100% committed to you or is this their weekend hobby?

Ask yourself if you are impressed by their work.

To determine reputation, ask for references from recent wedding clients, other vendors in the wedding industry and research them on-line to see what others have to say. What is their reputation with other vendor sin the area. Are they easy and professional to work with?

Also, take a good look at what they present on their website or blog….do they have a wide range in their portfolio? Is is professional, beautiful – quality work or just a lot of filler?

To determine if they are “me-oriented” I would look for good communication, professionalism, enthusiasm about your wedding and an overall sense that your personalities click. Trust your judgement, If something feels off, ~WAIT~ and meet with a few other vendors before deciding. Don’t be rushed or bullied into making a decision that will affect your wedding.  It never hurts to do your homework.
Question: Who is likely going to be the first professional a couple hires?

Answer: The wedding planner of course – to save hours of scouring websites and attending shows to find the perfect venue and the best vendors. They will also help the couple stay on track and not miss any details. However, a full service wedding planner is sometimes not in the budget and if that’s the case I would select the venue first as most are staffed by knowledgeable event coordinators who know their venues well and would likely be able to recommend vendors that they have had positive experiences with.

Question What kind of items should you look for in a contract with a wedding professional?

Answer: Make sure all the who’s, what’s, when’s and how’s are covered in any contract you sign. Specifically, look at hours of coverage that will be provided, product details if they are providing supplies, the name of the particular individual that will be providing the service if you have requested someone specifically; any cancellation policy (if you or the vendor cancels); any no-show policy (if the vendor does not show up); any back-up policy (if vendor is unable to be present due to unforeseen circumstances); and payment details including due dates and extra fees such as over-time and travel.

Question: What’s the best way to research potential professionals?

Answer: Meet with them, look at their recent work (photographs, videos, or even attend an event that they are providing a service at), ask for references, the best reflection of someone’s work is what their past clients have to say about them, and see what others are saying about them, other vendors in the area can be a great resources.

Question: What’s the best way to prevent disaster when it comes to relying on so many strangers?

Answer: First, hire the most reputable vendors. Second, communicate all the details, timeline, and expectations. Third, review all the details, timeline, and expectations. Fourth, get everything in writing. Fifth, follow up, follow up, follow up!

This is the first part in the Q&A Series, and we look forward to sharing more of what we have learned over the years. Do you have a specific question you would like answered? Contact us today… We are always happy to help!


Laura Stagg
and the staff at Forevermore Events