It’s Officially 2012 and with that comes a whole new year of possibilities!

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After about a million years (just kidding, not quite that many) in the wedding industry we have noticed a continuing trend….. Over the Holidays MANY MANY MANY couples go from twitter-pated and in love- to engaged and ready to plan their wedding. The holidays are the perfect time to get engaged. The magic in the air, new dusting of snow on the lawn, the possibility of that tiny square box being wrapped and hidden under the tree or in the bottom of a unsuspecting stocking- hung above the fireplace with care. Men just can’t help taking the perfect opportunity to really surprise the gal they love…
So once January 1st rolls around the ladies, donning their newest diamond sparkly, are ready to dig in and start planning the wedding they have always dreamed of….. but where to begin?? Well here on the Forevermore Events BLOG of course! Not only do we plan, design and coordinate fabulous events year round, but we strive to bring the latest ideas, trends and how to’s to our devoted readers and even brides just passing through!

Last year we posted about a few things that can help get you started on the planning process:
check out-

A Quick & Helpful National Wedding Budget Guide to get a idea on a wedding budget

Our Pantones Spring 2012 Color Report to help you choose colors and styles 

AND a post about Hiring a Pro: How to Choose the Best Wedding Vendors

All great articles that can get you started on planning the BIG DAY!

Next we would suggest signing up for accounts at PINTEREST and  POLYVORE 

I know that both of those words sound like gibberish, but belive me- if you havent allready, you will fall in love with them immediately!

PINTEREST~ Is a online community of Inspiration Boards. You can name a board such as “Wedding Dresses” or “Favor Ideas” Then as you scour the internet for ideas and find things you love you can “PIN” them right to your Pinterest Boards… and its as easy as that! Pinterest will track all of the web addresses, where you found the pictures/ideas and give you a nice and tidy way to find them again. No writing down a billion web addresses or overloading your computer with bookmarks and folders and files, just one simple site that collects the best of the web for you~ You can follow other peoples boards, tag pictures with key words and search for things you are looking for. It is AMAZING!! 

Check out FOREVERMORE EVENTS PINTEREST BOARDS– for an idea of how it works 


LOVE it and Want an Invitation to Pinterest?? Email us today and we will send you one: Laura@forevermoreevents.com

POLYVORE~ Is also an online community of STYLE BOARDS. It sounds like the same thing, but its very different- On polyvore you can create actual style boards. Polyvore has a huge library of designer clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories etc. all ready for you to drag-resize-drop and design the perfect look for you, your bridesmaids, groomsmen… you name it! How wonderful would it be to be able to sit down and plan what you want each person in your bridal party to wear head to toe… then send it to them? It makes coordination and communicating over distances SO much easier- 

Here is a POLYVORE Style Board, go ahead and check it out, click the image and it will send you to the polyvore style board… see how it all works… It is amazing!

I dont know about you, but having a organized, succinct image/board to look at and follow makes things so much easier…. and less stressful. No chance of crazy bridesmaid showing up in HOT PINK when she has a specific picture of the dusty rose dresses she can choose from LOL!

 So to all of the NEWLY ENGAGED…. Congratulations!

We want to be there for you throughout your planning process. Forevermore Events is the leading Wedding and Event Coordinator and Rental Company in Southern Utah. We service all of Northern and Southern Utah, Mesquite Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada, and California. We can help PLAN and Coordinate Weddings Nationwide, and can be there to help you with the grandest of events as well as the simpler intimate get-together. No job too big or too small, forevermore events can make them the fabulous of all~

So whether you hire us to help take all of the stress off and let us plan and coordinate the event, or visit our shop front for all of your wedding and event rentals and decor or just by visiting our BLOG and reading through the helpful articles…. we are here for you! Best of Luck and let us know if we can be of service to you! email us at… info@forevermoreevents.com 

Thanks so much!

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