Floral Arrangements by Saipua, Featured on Green Wedding Shoes

“These bold, bushy flowers have a history as dramatic as their appearance. Conquistadors found the dahlia in the gardens of the Aztecs and caused a sensation when they brought the flower back to Europe. As the dahlia gained popularity, the pursuit of its potato like tubers was conducted with intrigue and deception — dahlia tubers were reportedly stolen even from the garden of the Empress Josephine!”

Dahlias are a bit of an obsession for me right now. They are gorgeous and romantic yet still remain playful. Dahlias can make a special addition to any floral arrangement., especially a Bridal bouquet!

Photo: SJB Events
As well as Amazing Bridesmaids Bouquets and Button-Holes
Photo: Distinct Occasions
Dahlias are beautiful in Brides and Bridesmaids bouquets but can be a little LARGE for boutonnieres but can be perfect for corsages, talk to your florist about incorporating them onto a jeweled wristlet like the ones shown below.

 If the dahlias are a little too large for your boutonnieres,  a nice substitution is button mums. 
They come in a variety of colors and are extremely hardy and long lasting. 
The Boutonniere on the left is mixed with billy balls, coffee bean and bear grass. 

Many Crafty DIY Brides are choosing to make DAHLIA accessories for their bridal party and flowergirls. Below are link for step by step tutorials that will help you create fabulous accent pieces for your wedding!

DIY Dahlia Brooches

Gorgeous Fabric Dahlias and Flowergirl Wands
Dahlias are gorgeous and a perfect flower to  incorporate into wedding or event. We’d love to see how you use this beautiful flower in YOUR event, send us an email or a link to your event pictures and we might feature them right here on the Forevermore Events BLOG. Take care and come back soon for more: FLOWERS 101

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