After the I Do’s have been said and the gifts have been opened, it time to start thinking of how you will express your gratitude for the lovely gifts you received. Here are some tips on some perfect cards to choose and on how to write those wonderful words of thankfulness.

How wonderful are these lovely thank you cards? They are a cute way to tell your guest that you appreciate them!

Photo postcards are a great way to share your wedding day plus they are easy to create. This example has deckled edges and a stamped “Post Card” similar to the early 20th century. The link below will give you full instructions on how to make them!

You can also send cards where all you have to do is add the photos and a company does the rest.
Simple, cute, designs are at your fingertips!
This sweet picture of you and your husband on your wedding day is a great way to add to a personal touch to your thank you cards.
You can even hold a sign that says “Thank You”!


The words inside your card are just as important as the outside.
If you receive a generous amount of money:
Instead of writing thank you for the X amount of dollars, you could say “thank you for your generosity, the money you gave us will help in the purchase of a new home or our honeymoon {what ever it is you plan on spending it on}
If you receive a general gift or something from your registry:
You should first mention what the gift is. Then say what you plan to do with it or where you plan to place your very pretty crystal candle holders {we plan to display these very beautiful candle holders on our dining room table}.
Remember you and your husband are now a couple, so use words “us” and “we”!
Its best to end your card with love or sincerely. A simple and to the point note is all you need.
Be sure to check back often for more exciting wedding ideas!