One of the sweetest parts of planning your perfect day is selecting your very own gorgeous, jaw dropping, delectable cake!

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This is a stunning hand painted cake by the wonderful Sweet Cakes by Karen

 Cakes have come a very long way in the past 10 years. They used to be a necessity at every wedding and were very predictable and by no means a focus of the event.  Today however, the cake can be one of the most exciting elements to look for at a reception and people have gone wild and crazy when it comes to this element of their wedding!  Even those who don’t go too radical have found ways to keep even the cake current and modern, fitting in with the rest of the wedding style.  We asked one of our favorite cake designers- Karen ofSweet Cakes by Karen, for some of the trends with cakes today, check out her answers at the bottom of the post!


Love the icing flowers on this gorgeous cake by Brittany McMullian

2013-09-20_0046Layerd Ombre by Krissy Richards 2013-08-16_0009Sweet Cakes by Karen


These cakes are fun and unique by Heidi Duncan



Sweet Cakes by Karen

How often do brides come in knowing exactly what they want and how often do you get to play a creative role helping them figure out their ideal cake? Most of our brides come knowing what direction they want to go.
What is the most popular style of cake right now? The naked cake. This is a cake that shows all. 
Are most cakes all edible or do you make a lot of cakes with a styrofoam layer (or more)? The past 2 years we have seen more and more all-edible cakes. 
How did you get into the cake business? When I was in high school I starting playing around with cakedecorating in 4H.
How many cakes per year do you produce? We average around 184 cakes per year. 
What is your favorite cake you’ve designed?  Oh man there are way to many to name. 
Indeed Karen has been ahead of the pack in Southern Utah with so many unique and amazing designs! We love working with her and seeing what she creates for our brides and our styled shoots! Check out her website to learn more about creating your dream wedding cake!
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