You’re in for a visual treat with this wedding!

Everything from the bride’s AMAZING dress to the unique rug aisle runner for their ceremony to the escort seating name rocks will leave you feeling inspired and delighted!

What a wonderful nuptial celebration this was Jennifer and Gary and we were so thrilled to be part of their joyous wedding!

2015-04-17_0075 2015-04-17_0076

Isn’t this bride so adorable?

You can tell already how well she’s going to rock her wedding dress. Just wait til you see what makes it so special!

2015-04-17_0077 2015-04-17_0078 2015-04-17_0079 2015-04-17_0080

Orange Ombre Gorgeousness by Alta Moda Bridal!


Sigh…not only are we set against our favorite backdrop of Southern Utah Beauty, but the amazing wood arch, Persian rug lined aisle and cushioned hay bale seating make this one of our most unique ceremony set ups of the year!

2015-04-17_0082 2015-04-17_0083

Fans and umbrellas to keep guests from getting too overheated.

We loved the colors and the personalized labels on the fans.

And the ring box is to die for!

2015-04-17_0084 2015-04-17_0085


Love this special way to gather good advice from guests! Have them sign little pebbles to keep in a keepsake wooden box. Love the planter they are resting in!

2015-04-17_0087 2015-04-17_0088 2015-04-17_0089 2015-04-17_0090

Beautiful flower girl showcasing one of these gorgeous umbrellas and Bloomers floral crown!


Don’t you love the succulent boutonniere?


Her bouquet by Bloomers Floral mirrors her dress with elements of succulent throughout

2015-04-17_0093 2015-04-17_0094

Draped ceilings are not only for indoor weddings. Still drooling over this amazing lighted flowing display complete with chandelier in the center! Absolutely breathtaking!

2015-04-17_0095 2015-04-17_0096 2015-04-17_0097 2015-04-17_0098 2015-04-17_0099 2015-04-17_0100 2015-04-17_0101 2015-04-17_0102

Sometimes guests have a little time to wait for the bride and groom to finish photos or for everyone to find their proper seat- having this fun little distraction is a great idea. Guests were given a twist on the popular game “Mad Libs” to keep them busy!


How is it that succulents work on just about anything? Such a luscious looking cake!


These forks are becoming all the rage with engraved “I do” and “Me too” messages.


Isn’t this basically what getting married is all about? Such a fun and true sentiment- “Mutual Weirdness Forever”.

2015-04-17_0106 2015-04-17_0107 2015-04-17_0108 2015-04-17_0109 2015-04-17_0110 2015-04-17_0111 2015-04-17_0112 2015-04-17_0113 2015-04-17_0114

There it is, if you hadn’t noticed it before- this picture captures the absolutely amazing ombre train of the dress! Absolutely perfect for a desert wedding! And she wears it so well!

2015-04-17_0115 2015-04-17_0116 2015-04-17_0117 2015-04-17_0118

This is definitely a wedding we will always think of with fondness and wish you both

“Mutual Weirdness Forever” and happiness for a lifetime!


Cake  –Sweet Cakes by Karen

Dress-  Alta Moda Bridal

Floral-  Bloomers

Film-  Red Tie Cinamatography

Hair-  Blow Beauty

Make Up-  Katie Cox

Photography-   M. Felt Photography

Photo Booth-  My Vintage Photo Booth

Paper Details-  Kortney Eggertz Design

Rentals-  St. George Party Rentals

Venure and Catering-  Red Mountain Resort