Hardy Wedding

We loved working with Taylor and Spencer…..they are such a fun couple with their own unique style which was so fun! Taylor knew exactly what she wanted which made my job easier as a wedding consultant.Taylor and Spencer’s wedding was in Taylor’s gorgeous St. George backyard!

Firefighter Wedding

Tyler and Tia’s wedding was so neat because their theme was special to them. Tyler is a firefighter so their colors were firefighter red, black, and beige with firefighter accents added in throughout the area. Their event was held at Sunbrook in St. George.

Stewart/Ahlstrom Wedding

Bryce and Julie were such a fun couple to work with. They had so much energy which always makes the event fun to do. Their colors were black and white damask with pink, so pretty! Here are some pictures from their wedding. Bryce and Julie had their photography done by Gideon Photography. Jimmy shoots awesome…